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San Diego Mobile Notary

San Diego Traveling Notary

San Diego Mobile Notary

In an effort to help as many people needing mobile notary services as she can, Melissa traverses the county notarizing documents to help people through their situations. If she is busy, she will schedule you for a time that fits your needs and at a place that is very convenient for you. While she travels between Camp Pendelton, Chula Vista, East County,San Diego and cities in-between; you can always reach her on her indispensable cellular phone. Please know that Melissa will work in all other areas inside San Diego County too. Select Melissa, as she offers knowledgeable and timely 24/7 mobile notary services throughout San Diego County with a friendly smile.

Melissa has really enjoyed the variety of people that she meets through mobile notary services throughout San Diego, in addition to the ever-changing documents that need to be notarized. She stays current with new regulations and notary requirements. This is not always an easy thing since her “boss” is the Secretary of State, and can be hard to reach. Her passion for her profession makes this easy though. As Melissa has said many times, “Being passionate about your career makes work enjoyable. It is not just a job, but rather something I love that happens to be my profession.” This is a rare combination, but when found, grasp it with both hands. It would be great if we were all as passionate about our work as Melissa is with her San Diego mobile notary services business.

As you need notary services, please consider contacting Melissa at (619) 997-1636. She will help you understand what your next step should be, whether it involves her or not. There are many times that she has helped people over the phone, so make sure to call her right away. Additionally, her rates are incredibly reasonable and often the reason she is chosen to help someone out the first time – however, San Diego Mobile Notary services are chosen for additional times because of Melissa’s knowledge, warm personality, ability to ease tough circumstances and her timely nature. You too will want to use Melissa’s San Diego mobile notary services again and again.

“Let me thank my entire customer-base for all their referrals. They are much appreciated, the reason for all my wonderful repeat business and also the main reason I am able to keep my prices as low as they are.”

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