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Del Mar Mobile Notary

San Diego Traveling Notary
Del Mar Mobile Notary should provide all your notary services in Del Mar and throughout San Diego County’s surrounding areas. Call, email or fill out a form and she will call you back to schedule the notary services you need. This is Melissa’s profession and she is very god at it. Most Notary services will be notarized in 24 hours or less, a 24 Hour notary promise to you. She is often in the UTC area so please don’t hesitate to call for all your notary needs, as Del Mar is very close.

Why Del Mar Mobile Notary?  Simple.  This service will come to you according to your schedule, be there promptly, and take care of your business completely and professionally.  Actually, there have been times that Melissa has shown up to help someone with their documents only to learn that one of the signors wasn’t ready, so they met at the airport the next morning very early.  This and other similar all help Melissa understand that she is truly helping people in whatever way she can.

Living in San Diego Melissa is intimately familiar with San Diego highways and roads. Let her drive to you, whether at your house, business, local coffee shop, escrow office, or any number of other places that you will choose.  You will be very pleased with the way your documents are notarized and you are treated during this process.  Referrals are appreciated.

There are many that need my services very rarely, but then I have also worked with several lawyers, title companies, escrow officers, load agents, hospitals, retirement centers, and other organizations that need my services regularly. For these regular and repeat businesses, I thank you and reward your generosity with lower rates or other methods of appreciation. Thanks again.

While there are many places you could go to find a notary public, you will have challenges at banks and all those small packaging stores. Places just want to take care of documents that come from their company or offer no liability. Aside from liability determining the direction of most notaries, the time you have free from work for doing this is likely the same time that they are away for lunch. How excited have you been with taking time out of your busy day to find that no one was there to take care of the work you needed. Just something to consider – Call Melissa at (619)997-1636.

San Diego Mobile Notary Services

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