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24 Hour Mobile Notary

San Diego Traveling Notary

24 Hour Mobile Notary Convenience

In today’s fast-paced world, we have grown to expect immediate responses to our requests. Well, although this is the case in the electronic world, it isn’t so for much of the service industry – as there are time lags in many of the processes. However, this doesn’t stop the consumer from wanting near immediate response. Melissa and her 24 hour mobile notary services does what others can’t or won’t do – she will take care of your mobile notary request within 24 hours, although often it is within hours. The only reason it isn’t always within hours is that she may have other mobile notary obligations. This is mostly not a problem for those that need fast 24 hour mobile notary services. If she is with a client, she will let her message answer the phone. Her clients really appreciate her dedicated attention to their needs, but Melissa will call you back immediately after completing her mobile notary services.

So, call Melissa at (619) 997-1636 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (619) 997-1636 end_of_the_skype_highlighting to schedule an appointment with her. She will likely be on the road and may actually be driving by your area, so call immediately. If she is, she might be able to meet you really quickly. You may be looking for other 24 hour mobile notary services, but you won’t find any that will be as prompt, treat you as professionally or politely or are more competent as Melissa.

Melissa knows her CA notary craft very well, and all the regulations that accompany it. California requires state exams and continuing education for all notaries. Although some take it very seriously, there are those that do not. This is Melissa’s profession and she treats is so. If there is an issue that she isn’t totally certain of, she will research it until she is very confident. She will determine this when you call her, so she can be certain to be totally prepared at your notary or loan signing.

An interesting example of Melissa’s incredible 24 Hour Mobile Notary service is from a job she got several months ago. Although very inconvenient, she takes her job seriously and was able to help the person that night. There were huge surprises that followed. Here goes: As Melissa neared sleep around midnight, she got a call from a person saying that her notary services were needed in about an hour. It was a 30 minute drive away without traffic, so Melissa left in time to make it there. Well first, the call was from an agent of someone at a local venue. The name that was given was very inconsequential and nothing was known about shat the document was that needed to be notarized. This made Melissa suspicious. She was tired told the agent a price that was considerably higher than what she would have otherwise charged, in hopes that the person would take her business elsewhere. Well, the price was accepted. Well the 30 minute drive took nearly an hour, as the highway was closed for maintenance and by the time Melissa arrived a concert had ended and there were all sorts of people leaving, police escorting and other delay mechanisms. After parking in the back with over a dozen motor coaches, Melissa was escorted to a room, signed a non-disclosure form in the dark and waited to complete her notary. She wasn’t sure who it was for, but when she arrived Melissa asked if she was $&?@#$%, and it was confirmed. Melissa quickly notarized the form and then was on Cloud 9 thinking that she had just met one of the top-performing musical artists today. This will be remembered forever, and reminded Melissa how much she loves her job every day. The funny thing is that Melissa could have quoted a much higher price and there would have been no questions.