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San Diego Convenience

There are notaries in many places, but they never seem nearby when you need one do they?  Actually, they are all over the place, but mostly tied to corporations, institutions, or away at lunch.  Seriously, these two entities and one activity mean that the number of available notaries drops tremendously during the most common hour you can escape work for a bit – your lunch hour.  And, corporation (mostly financial of some sort) and institutions (mostly educational and bureaucratically) often are prohibited from notarizing documents that aren’t related to their company or institution.  This mean that if you need a notary for documents that are from a business or institution that aren’t nearby you will need to use an independent notary that will come to you.  Well, it just happens that this is what I do for a living.  I will come to you at your convenience and at the location you specify.  Rates vary by location, document type and number of signatures, so please call me to schedule my services.  You will want me to notarize all your documents after experiencing my attention to detail, promptness, professionalism and pleasant nature.  Ask about the Internet discount and I will deduct it from your notary costs.