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Common notary public questions:  You will need to modify each of these pages with your words.

Identification FAQ

What Identification is ACCEPTABLE for Notarizations?
What REQUIRED INFORMATION does my Identification have to include?
What Identification is UNACCEPTABLE for Notarizations?
What if my Identification is INVALID, and I don’t have other acceptable ID?
What are “Credible Identifying Witnesses?”
What if the Name on the Document is Similar to the Name on my Identification but doesn’t Match?
What if my Identification has my Maiden Name but the Document contains my Married Name?

Notarization FAQ

What if a Signer is Disabled and Unable to Sign His/Her Name?
Can an Incomplete Document be Notarized?
Does Notarization mean that a Document is Legal or True?
Can A Notary Public Prepare Or Review A Legal Document For Me?
Can A Notary Public Decline to Provide Service?

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